The Bristol Blanket

It’s a Bristol thing……

Inspired by Bristol and woven in partnership with Bristol Weaving Mill.

The Bristol Blanket. Photo: Article Studio

In the Spring of 2020, like many people, I reshuffled my life and business to fit with the changing shape of living through a pandemic. Planned teaching and usual selling opportunities had slipped away and I had to find a different way to sustain my business and reach my customers, (as well as the added bonus of being a less than adequate home school teacher to our three children).

It was an interesting and sometimes challenging transition, but one that I’m thankful for, especially in light of so many livelihoods that simply don’t have the option of adapting to fit new regulations. And out of this shake-up came the opportunity to action a plan that had been waiting in the wings for the right moment. Enter stage right: The Bristol Blanket

The decision to produce the blanket with Bristol Weaving Mill wasn’t really a decision at all on my part. As I saw my handwoven designs, inspired by the Bristol houses, develop on my sampling loom and in my sketchbooks, it became obvious who I had to work with on this project. Click on the links to read more about the production journey and the inspiration in these additional blog posts.

Bristol Weaving Mill.

I’ve continued to weave a limited number of commissioned rugs and art panels throughout the year and was also able to weave the capsule collection, pictured below, to support the new blanket design. In the midst of so much uncertainty in the news, the sessions at the loom were refreshingly grounding and I never take for granted that half my job is to focus on the calming rhythmic process of weaving. That said, it’s been quite full-on, and seeing this project come together during the photo-shoot with the superb Article Studio was quite a momentous day after months of planning.

The Bristol Blanket Collection. Photo: Article Studio Furniture: Timberwoolf

Five feel-good things I’d like you to know about The Bristol Blanket

The design is inspired by Bristol’s colourful houses, which brightened up our daily walks during the lockdown in the Spring. Read more here

It is woven in partnership with Bristol Weaving Mill. A renowned micro mill in the heart of my home city of Bristol, specialising n innovative design. Read more here

The optimistic colours in this sumptuous 100% lambswool blanket are designed to lift your spirits and bring warmth and joy to your home, and it is so soft. (I provide samples for those who prefer to feel the quality of a textile product before they invest. Drop me a line if you’d like to receive one).

The design reflects the connections with our neighbours and local community which for many were strengthened during the lockdown. As an artist, I wanted to design a collection that echoed the special bonds that formed from the shared experiences, in the hope that we continue to strengthen them and support each other.

For every blanket sold, 10% of the profit will go to MIND- the mental health charity.

I’m delighted to launch The Bristol Blanket ahead of schedule and hope I can help to bring warmth and joy to more people this winter. Drop me a line if you have any questions and head over to my online shop to check out this uplifting new design from my Bristol studio.

Inspirational streets of Bristol. Photo: Vicky White Photography
The Bristol Blanket. Image Article Studio. Bed: Timberwoolf
The Bristol Blanket Photo: Article Studio
Angie Parker. Photo: Alice Hendy Photography

Angie Parker is a weaver, designer, and colourist, based at BV Studios in Bedminster. She trained in rug weaving in the 1990s and started her textile practice 6 years ago. Her latest collection of handwoven designs and small batch-produced textiles has been launched ahead of schedule in September 2020. Subscribers to her newsletter are the first to see new designs and also get access to special offers and exhibition news. Sign up here to keep in the loop.