Handwoven rugs, art panels and home furnishings for lovers of colour

I established my business creating distinctive and intricate rugs and textile art in 2014,  and I specialise in hand-weaving using long established techniques, such as Krokbragd. (The one that no-one likes to say out loud).

After being taught rug weaving by the late Susan Foster at art college in the 1990’s, I pursued a career in costume for a number of years whilst continuing to weave on small scale collections. During this time I developed the original style for which I have become known since setting up my business. I combine my weaving with an instinctive and daring approach to colour and it’s the creative process of importing a contemporary element to the time honoured techniques of  weaving and the responses from the viewer which most excite me.

A year spent living in India and more recently, the dynamic graffiti and houses in my Bristol neighbourhood, have influenced the fabulously joyful palette which is intrinsic to my weaving.

Working in reclaimed high quality rug wool and a variety of other yarns I meticulously hand-weave and finish all the original pieces myself on my Glimakra Floor loom at BV Studios in Bristol. Some of my designs are then produced in small batches through various partnerships.

I’d love to keep in touch and let you know about events and special offers through my mailing list, here. (Infrequent, as I know we all have busy inboxes).


Floor Covering Designer of the Year-New Designers                               

Silver Award for Textiles- Craft & Design Selected Maker Awards 2015

Best New Business Development- Christiandodd. Select Showcase 2015

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Photo: Alice Hendy Photography