Collaboration with Jonathan Rose

Danish Disrupted for Decorex International 2019. Have you ever wondered how creative collaborations come about? The latest one for myself and Jonty Rose began its journey at DesignJunction in 2018 where we were both exhibiting with Design Nation. From the start we realised that we shared a goal to create exceptional products for our adventurous […]

New WAVE Rug from Angie Parker Textiles

 The WAVE rug from Angie Parker Textiles  For lovers of colour, textiles and quality British Craft. IMAGE: Article Studio Handwoven in my Bristol studio, this exclusive piece of contemporary craft brings a dash of colour and warmth to modern and traditional interiors. This bespoke Krokbragd rug is heading to Decorex International 6-9 October 2019. The exclusive […]

Fryklos (Fearless) #2 A Self Fulfilling Prophecy?

Have you ever wondered if makers have favourite creations in their portfolios? Whilst I can’t answer for anyone else, the answer for me is yes! It might change from time to time, but right now my absolute favourite is also the rug I’m most proud of. Fryklos. Fryktlos (Fearless)/#2/Cream was handwoven in my Bristol Studio […]

Tis the season to….

…discover rather a lot of campaigns asking you to support local independent shops and creative small businesses! Question is, do they make a difference to sales in the UK Craft industry? I happen to think they do. Every single reminder that there is an alternative to buying the mass produced ‘land fill’ on offer at […]

101 ways to commission an Angie Parker handwoven rug or textile artwork.

Ok, that’s slightly mis-leading. 101 examples would be a little arduous to read (and write). What I’m really trying to say here is that every commission, by its very nature, is going to be different. And lets face it, that’s part of the reason you’re looking at commissioning and not buying ‘off the peg’ isn’t […]

What do recycled plastic bottles have to do with handwoven rugs?

Who wouldn’t love to see less plastic bottles going to waste? I know that I’d love to see this unnecessary strain on our troubled planet eradicated in my lifetime. A first step towards this is to stop buying plastic bottles. A second is to support this initiative by Sadiq Khan to have more water fountains to […]

Wool Fusion- Craft and commercial design join forces.

Here’s a look at the project for Wool Week 2017. The brief, to create an axminster stair carpet with Brintons Carpets. If you prefer to watch rather than read, there’s a video about this collaboration here,  from the fab team at Cube Video. The stair carpet was commissioned for Wool Fusion, a showcase of UK […]

Inspiration. Part 1 UPFEST

The Bristol neighbourhood I’m lucky enough to live in provides an ever-changing blast of colour inspiration. Each summer, Upfest, Europes largest street art and graffiti festival brings 35,000 visitors to our streets to watch live painting on 30,000sqft of walls, shutters and boarding.   Doubt I’ll ever tire of these bold statements in colour which […]

Lyme Regis Photo shoot with Yeshen Venema

A day in Lyme Regis, photographing my handwoven rugs in the most beautiful contemporary home I’ve ever had the pleasure to set foot in with the fabulous Yeshen Venema…Oh, go on then! Whilst many of my clients live in rather more ‘regular’ homes, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to have them photographed in this house. […]