Inspiration. Part 2. India

I was fortunate to live in India for almost a year in 2006.

Without realising it at the time, my approach to colour changed dramatically as a result of this experience. I gained a new confidence and developed the fearless approach to colour for which my work is now known.

 Vivid shades of silk sari’s under the brilliant bright sunlight and hours spent in markets, with all my senses being bombarded simultaneously basically re-programmed my factory colour settings!

Within hours of first moving to India in 2006, the colours of this incredible country had got under my skin-literally. (Our arrival coincided with Holi Festival and it took ages to wash the dye off).

I found it impossible to walk past the Sari shops, and was getting a daily hit of layered colour from sumptuous displays.

My pretty ropey photo’s don’t do justice to the beautiful colour I experienced each day and I’m thankful that my memory serves me better than my photography skills. Impossible not to be full of creative inspiration after this amazing experience.