Collaboration with Jonathan Rose

Danish Disrupted for Decorex International 2019.

Have you ever wonder how creative collaborations come about?

The latest one for myself and Jonty Rose began its journey at DesignJunction in 2018 where we were both exhibiting with Design Nation.

From the start we realised that we shared a goal to create exceptional products for our adventurous client base, and we thought that together we could double the impact of our work.

What do you think?

Danish Disrupted. Jonathan Rose & Angie Parker.Photo: Article Studio
We’ve been working on a project for almost a year, and we can’t wait to introduce the resulting bespoke chairs and stools at Decorex International this October.
Jonathan Rose, in workshops and at home, in Banchory, Scotland.
Angie Parker. Weaving in her Bristol worshop.
My statement vivid colours and exacting weaves fit perfectly into Jonathan’s danish design, in this original pair of functional artworks. They are available in further colour options and fabric designs.
Woven using my signature Krokbragd pattens, these intricate, timeless panels are time consuming to weave, and are frequently exhibited as textile art.
Don’t expect to see too many of the originals, but browse some of my other handwoven designs here.