I love the rug, it is gorgeous, really looks too beautiful to use as a rug!

Thanks for making it for me, it is really special.
Sheila, (Fife) 2020
The rug has arrived and I am in the deepest love with it! Thank again so much!
Gaynor (Hebdon Bridge) 2020
Your lovely rug arrived yesterday and I’ve got it in place – it is perfect! I can’t believe how soft it is…and the colours are just lush. Here’s a pic of it in place, adding a great spot of colour to the dining table!
Donna, (Manchester) 2020
Thank you, it’s wonderful!
As you know I absolutely love your rugs and joked when I had the opportunity to order one that I would build my downstairs round it –  well it turns out that I did!   I just wanted you to see what it looks like now. You can’t quite see the painting on the right hand wall (which I’d had for years) but it’s perfect for the rug too. I love having more colour in the house.
Rhona, (Manchester) 2019

There is a fizz about about Angie’s work-the vibrant colours, the bold contemporary designs and the sheer enthusiasm she radiates. She has established a strong identity and demonstrates excellent craft skills dealing with the demands of rug weaving. She has explored Krokbragd in great depth, and made it her own. It’s hard to imagine her work ever becoming stale.
Wendy Morris, Judge. craft&design Awards 2015

I would love to have one of the Angie Parker hanging to light up my life!
MS colourCODED Devon Guild 2016

The rugs are beautiful, and so well crafted. A real heirloom.
Marina colourCODED Devon Guild 2016

We love the style and colours of Angie’s weaving. She knows how to put shades together in the most unorthodox fashion but they just work. The chairs we’ve commissioned match our decor but also stand out as pieces of art. Lovely quality, beautifully made from a true professional who really cares about what her clients want as well as remaining true to the craft she wants to produce.
Gail & Alex (Bristol) 2016