Original Handwoven Indirinagar Krokbragd Rug (Turquoise)


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Indiranagar is named after the Bangalore neighbourhood where I lived in 2006, itself named after the colourful first female Prime Minister of India, Indira Ghandi.

The bold colours, and pops of glitter represent the layering of colours in the Sari shops I loved to visit, and the clashes of colour everywhere.

As well as being inspired by the beautiful fabrics,  I was in awe of the the women I met whilst living there, and am celebrating the life of one of India’s most important women.

Handwoven using quality Axminster Rug Wool, glitter yarns and linen this weft-faced rug is suited for use on the floor or can be hung on a wall. (Batons provided on request for small additional payment).

Measurements: 168cm x 94cm