Original Handwoven Fryklos Rug (Cream)


Exclusive handwoven Krokbragd rug by Angie Parker.

For use on floor or as wall hanging.

164cm x 84cm


This vibrant piece of floor art combines the traditional Scandinavian 3 shaft, weft-faced rug technique (Krokbargd) with a bold palette of contemporary colours.

Influenced by Bristols thriving urban art scene, a year spent living in India and a lifelong passion for this time honoured rug weaving technique, this piece is hand woven by Angie Parker in her Bristol workshop with skill and joy, and brings a fearless blast of colour and energy to any interior.

It can also be a wall hanging and a made to measure hanging baton is available on request.

Contact Angie with any further questions you may have.

Dimensions: 154cm x 84cm

Materials: Axminster Rug Wool (80%wool/20%nylon) on Linen warp.


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Dimensions 164 x 84 cm