Circle of Happiness-Textile Colour Wheel


Add an uplifting burst of colour to your living space with this decorative circle of happiness.

Made using the byproducts of The Bristol Blanket.

Read more about how this product came about here.

10% of the profits from sales of this item go to MIND: the mental health charity

Materials: Lambswool, wire and ribbon

Dimensions: 20cm x 20cm

This is not a toy. Not suitable for children. Not to be hung where young children can reach or in a nursery.

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When the team from Bristol Weaving Mill asked if I wanted to keep the cut-off selvedges from the Bristol Blankets last year, my answer was “Hell yeah!”.

I wasn’t going to see sacks of colourful fibres going into land-fill, no way!

Initially, I thought I might weave them into rugs, but anything I wove would be too much of a contrast with the intricate textiles at the heart of my practice so that idea didn’t excite me enough to pursue, (and I couldn’t see the day when I’d get around to sampling that option either).

The lightbulb moment came when I was drafting preparations for this year’s Made in Bristol Festive Gift Fair at The Bristol Beacon. To complement the luxury woven textiles I sell at events like this, it makes sense for me to have a product at a lower price point too. After all, I’m on a mission to bring uplifting colour to as many people as possible and my notelet sets sell really well at in-person events.

And so I’m delighted to introduce The Woven Wheel of Colour, or Circle of Happiness, depending on which day you’re visiting my online shop.

A decorative textile wreath to brighten up the lives of colour lovers.