Let’s think about waste, baby…

Because let’s face it, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a creative business owner who isn’t questioning their sustainability credentials right now. (Although we’re probably in a sector that has always done this anyway).

And while there’s an overwhelming amount of work to do; every little helps.

I’ve always been thrifty with resources, though this was more of an economic than ecological decision initially, having started a business without any investment.

I still re-purpose any of the waste I create in making handwoven rugs. And the weft yarns in my studio are mill-ends.

Scraps of wool are used for school workshops, and meticulous planning means I use up the very last centimeter of a linen warp on the loom before the bits you can’t weave get handed onto my kids for macrame. (I know, I really spoil them don’t I?)

So, when the team from Bristol Weaving Mill asked if I wanted to keep the cut-off selvedges from the Bristol Blankets my answer was “Hell yeah!”. I wasn’t going to see sacks of colourful fibres going into land-fill, no way!

Initially, I thought I might weave them into rugs, but anything I wove would be too much of a contrast with the intricate textiles at the heart of my practice so that idea didn’t excite me enough to pursue, (and I couldn’t see the day when I’d get around to sampling that option either).

The lightbulb moment came when I was drafting preparations for this year’s Made in Bristol Festive Gift Fair at The Bristol Beacon. To complement the luxury woven textiles I sell at events like this, it makes sense for me to have a product at a lower price point too. After all, I’m on a mission to bring uplifting colour to as many people as possible and my notelet sets sell really well at in-person events.

And so I’m delighted to introduce The Woven Wheel of Colour, or Circle of Happiness, depending on which day you visit my online shop. A decorative textile wreath to brighten up the lives of colour lovers.

The wreath is made from lambswool and wire. It measures 20 x20cm, has a hanging ribbon, and comes in a white cardboard box which is made from recycled materials, of course.

And as this cheerful home decoration is derived from The Bristol Blanket, I will continue to pledge to donate 10% of the profits from sales to MIND-the mental health charity too.

Does anyone else have that Salt n Pepa 1991 classic tune in their head right now?